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Meet Ryan:  He is in recovery from a form of schizophrenia and one of his biggest fears was never being able to work.  He decided to go back to school to get his Bachelor's simply for the sake of knowledge.  He remembers the way he felt on his first day of school - the hopelessness and despair.  The stress of believing he couldn't achieve at school because he is a person with mental illness was more stressful than school itself. 

It may have taken him a bit longer, but Ryan not only earned a Bachelor's degree, but he got a full-time job and continued on to earn his Master's. 

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Is OnTrackNY right for me?


OnTrackNY is for people who:

  • Are between the ages of 16 and 30
  • Have recently begun experiencing changes in thinking or perceptions for more than a week but less than 2 years
  • Are willing to work with a diverse team, including professionals in health, mental health, peer support, and school and work


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What happens when I participate?


You may receive support with:

  • getting and keeping a job and/or getting back to school
  • sorting out your concerns
  • discovering new skills
  • considering medications and other strategies for managing your mental health

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How do I participate?

Contact your nearest OnTrackNY team.