What are some signs someone might be experiencing a first episode of psychosis?

  • Starting to withdraw from family and friends

  • Having thoughts that seem strange to oneself or others

  • Becoming fearful or suspicious of other people

  • Hearing or seeing things that others don’t


Who is on the OnTrackNY Team?

In many treatment settings, participants work with just one mental health professional, but with OnTrackNY, your loved one will have the support of an entire team to work with toward achieving his/her life goals. The team consists of an outreach and recruitment coordinator who will introduce the team and help decide if the program is a good fit, a primary clinician who will offer counseling and support and help your loved one learn new skills to cope with what s/he is experiencing, a psychiatrist who can collaborate with your loved one to make decisions related to medication and help with medical concerns, a peer specialist who shares lived mental health experiences, social tools, and resources to better navigate recovery, a supported education/employment specialist who can help with work and school, and a nurse to support overall health and wellness.

The participant and family members are the most important members of this team. Your loved one will work closely with the primary clinician and other staff to identify goals that are important to him/her and services that can help with accomplishing these goals.


Your Loved One Can Participate

What is OnTrackNY?

OnTrackNY is an innovative treatment program for adolescents and young adults who have had unusual thoughts and behaviors or who have started hearing or seeing things that others don’t. OnTrackNY helps people achieve their goals for school, work, and relationships. Programs are located throughout New York State.

young adult talking to provider


Is OnTrackNY right for my loved one?


OnTrackNY is for people who:

  • Are a teenager or young adult between the ages of 16 and 30
  • Have recently begun experiencing changes in thinking or perceptions for more than a week but less than 2 years
  • Are willing to work with a diverse team, including professionals in health, mental health, peer support, and school and work




group of young adults


What will participants receive?

  • Help with getting and keeping a job and/or getting back to school
  • Help with sorting out concerns
  • Help with discovering new skills
  • Guidance on medications and other strategies for managing his/her/their mental health



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How can my loved one participate?

Contact your nearest OnTrackNY program site. OnTrackNY Program Locations.




"The team always looked at me like one of them."

- Maggie's Mom

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