portraits of many faces

The Arcade is an open group and everyone is welcome, especially people who are new to OnTrackNY. If you are currently a participant of OnTrackNY or a graduate of an OnTrackNY program, the Arcade was built for you. 

People can be here in any stage in their process with OnTrackNY and we have no requirements for your participation. Please feel free to jump in and participate as much as you like with your perspectives, questions, or feedback. We encourage everyone to be on camera so we can connect even better, however, that is also not required. We hope that something you hear or experience at the Arcade will make a difference and support you in your own process at OnTrackNY and in your life.

At the Arcade, we use our stories to show our power of overcoming, to celebrate our achievements and find support when we need it most. We speak on controversial topics to offer an improvement for OnTrackNY and the mental health system. Everything we do is fully voluntary. We don’t want you to feel any pressure to participate if you don’t want to.