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We are Talia Richkin, and DJ Wilkerson, the OnTrackNY Youth Coordinators, and we are excited to welcome you to the new OnTrackNY Blog. The Blog will feature content including: our monthly newsletter, photovoice projects from our #OnTrackEXPRESS campaign, a series of videos featuring OnTrackNY participants, and guest posts from participants and staff alike. We hope everyone who visits the blog can find something they connect with, something that inspires them, or even just something that makes them better able to understand another's experience.

          DJ Wilkerson

Statewide Youth and Young Adult Leadership Council
Youth Coordinator
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Statewide Youth and Young Adult Leadership Council

We are excited to announce that the formation of an OnTrackNY Statewide Youth and Young Adult Leader-ship Council is in the works! The creation of this council comes in conjunction with Amplify OnTrackNY, a new initiative aimed at engaging, listening, and responding to feedback about OnTrackNY services.
This initiative provides OnTrackNY with opportunities for partnering with participants, families, and treat-ment teams to achieve the highest quality of care. The Statewide Council will be one such opportunity for par-ticipants and graduates to make their voices heard. The council will aim to center and elevate the perspectives of OnTrackNY participants across New York State. Members will meet to represent and express what matters most to them in the design, delivery, and evaluation of OnTrackNY services, as well as supporting youth guid-ed practices and principles in overall mental health systems transformation.
Over the next few months teams will be oriented to the council and will help us in spreading the word. Additionally, two different informational sessions will be hosted by OnTrackNY central staff for interested participants and graduates to learn more about this opportunity. Membership in the council will consist of a culturally diverse mix of participants and graduates, selected through an application process, with the goal of evenly representing as many OnTrackNY programs as possible. The first Statewide meeting is planned for summer 2020, so please stay tuned for more information!
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