Welcome to the OnTrackNY video library.  Here you will find videos featuring OnTrackNY participants, graduates, families, and team members.
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Get to Know an OnTrackNY Team

Members of the OnTrackNY team at Northern Rivers in Albany, NY talk about their approach and what their roles entail. They share their perspectives on psychosis, treatment and recovery.

Ambar - Looking to the Future

Ambar first experienced hearing voices while abroad in Spain, and at 19 she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. With the help of family, friends, OnTrackNY and other support programs she was able to return to school and in the future aspires to write a book about her experiences.

Sebastian - Finding Harmony through Music

Just before starting college, Sebastian began having unusual auditory and visual experiences. With the support from OnTrackNY and using music to cope, Sebastian gained the confidence to share his story to help others. Sebastian’s mother also shares her perspective on recovery and being part of OnTrackNY.

Skittles - Laying the Foundation for Recovery

In this video, Skittles speaks about hearing voices and how her passion for makeup has helped her cope and express herself. Skittles also talks about her initial apprehension to open up about her psychosis and the role OnTrackNY played in her openness to receive help.

"D" - Learning to Prioritize Your Mental Health

"D" has aspirations of completing college and becoming a human rights activist. After leaving the hospital, she found support from family, peers, and OnTrackNY which has helped her make sense of her experiences and understand the importance of prioritizing her mental health.

Anna - Drawing the Path to Recovery

Anna is a young artist and OnTrackNY participant who began experiencing psychosis when she started college. With the support of her father and best friend, Anna discusses the role of creative expression in her recovery.


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