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We are Talia Richkin, and DJ Wilkerson, the OnTrackNY Youth Coordinators, and we are excited to welcome you to the new OnTrackNY Blog. The Blog will feature content including: our monthly newsletter, photovoice projects from our #OnTrackEXPRESS campaign, a series of videos featuring OnTrackNY participants, and guest posts from participants and staff alike. We hope everyone who visits the blog can find something they connect with, something that inspires them, or even just something that makes them better able to understand another's experience.

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OnTrackNY Teams Get Creative in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted so many lives and routines. We are deeply impressed with the way our OnTrackNY teams have rapidly changed the way they work to continue partnering with young people and families during these times. All of our teams have begun offering remote visits—by phone, videoconference, or both. OnTrackNY participants, families, and teams are getting creative about how to continue their work together while meeting virtually, whether it’s learning new technology, taking a “virtual walk” together, developing strategies to support distance learning for those in school, or developing ideas for staying physically active while staying home (online yoga, any-one?). Some OnTrackNY teams are offering groups for participants and family members via secure videoconference and more are in the plan-ning stages. A supported education and employment specialist at one team has created a blog that is popular with participants. Peer special-ists are working with participants on adapting their strategies for coping and connecting during the current crisis. One team created wellness packets for their participants. And teams, participants, and families are making great use of the online resources and videos that are available through Pat Deegan’s recovery library (which is available to all On-TrackNY team members, participants and families for free).
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